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certified organic

handmade in Amsterdam

at markets & Delivered

certified organic

Homemade in Amsterdam

at markets & delivered

We’re Alon’s Pickles

We ferment local, organically grown vegetables in wooden barrels and ceramic crocks. We sell them in person on markets, on the street, by delivery and to restaurants.

Probiotic, Farmer Friendly, Socially Minded, Sustainably and lovingly made Pickles. We believe fermenting local food can be a tool for change, from big to small:

Healthy Digestive Systems – Healthy Food Systems – Healthy Society – Healthy Planet

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Once a month, pick up at our kitchen in Amsterdam Noord or delivered by bakfiets to your door

We’re food consumers that want to eat better, in every sense, and to share that with our community. Together we can grow a healthier food economy and culture. That’s why we choose for a subscription model, to enhance our relationships

Why and how?

To help our community eat local, probiotic, organic food year round. To increase security for farmers in choosing more progressive practices by crop planning and buying surplus. To create jobs we’d like to work in, that nurture us and our communities. To use food consumption as a tool for providing for our needs and solving our problems, not creating them. To do our part. We believe another world is possible.

We do what we believe is right and nothing else:
We only buy produce that meets our standards – socially and environmentally.
We work on a first name basis, on markets and with small businesses and farmers – small, personal and local is the way to deal with global issues, we think.
We never pasteurize or add artificial preservatives to our pickles.
We feed what little green waste we make to pigs and compost piles.
We do as much as we can by human-powered bicycles and tools.
We maintain a work culture that enriches the lives of our colleagues and everyone around us.
We are preserving a craft and way of living that is more in tune with our social and natural environment.
We love dill flowers and our grandmas and we give things time.

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Nieuwendammerdijk 532-D2, 1023BX Amsterdam